Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Ever started with an idea and then it becomes something you don't like along the way?

Well that happened while l was creating this layout for this weeks sketch over at 
Lets Get Sketchy

This is the finished layout that is completely different from how it began

This is what l started with
I wanted to use up some of my tapes with added stenciling but didn't like the look!!
l added chipboard pieces and coloured them with paints. The green is actually metallic but it doesn't really show in my picture

I decided to hide the tapes with muslin that l inked and l took  some of the threads to add to the layout

I was happy with the final result, funny how things turn out.

Here is the sketch to follow and you can add your entry HERE  to be in the running for a great prize.


  1. Oh yes I do that all the time.. never really work to a plan my layouts mostly evolve!!! The end result looks wonderful though..love the rings chipboard under your photo.. and thanks for coming by my blog, our dogs loved the beach.. Our jack russell is 12 now and I think the holiday was good for her too!! Have a great week!

  2. That's the beauty of the creative process. I often start with one idea, but end up with something that is so far from my original plan that I shake my head and wonder how things could turn out so differently. Generally it's for the better, but not always. lol The end result of your layout is fabulous! All the little details and texture are wonderful. A cute photo as well. BL

  3. I usually tear it up and start over..great idea to cover it! Love the muslin, beautiful layout#

  4. I usually tear it up and start over..great idea to cover it! Love the muslin, beautiful layout#

  5. I love all the details and the finished product! BL

  6. Love how you shared your process. Bloggie Love

  7. I have that happen often, but then usually the layout I end up with lands up being soooo much better than what I had planned! I love your layout and thank you for sharing your process with us

  8. You really achieved amazing texture. All worth it in the end. BL

  9. Its really an awesome layout :)


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